Full Name
Dr. Jared Barrott
Idaho State University
Speaker Bio
The Barrott Lab focuses on cancer pharmacology by understanding the biology behind cancer initiation and progression. The lab uses genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) to test novel therapies that target the cancer’s vulnerabilities. My interests include: Cellular high throughput drug screening, cellular biology, genetics, pharmacogenetics, research design and data analysis. Some infectious disease, especially in the field of virology. Cancer biology and pharmacology.

In my lab, we focus on rare sarcomas that typically arise in pediatric patients. These cancers of the connective tissues are commonly driven by chromosomal translocations, that are powerful epigenetic reprogrammers that can transform normal muscle, cartilage, and bone cells to become cancerous. I use biochemistry and genetics to understand the events that surround cellular transformation in order to better understand where the cancer cell is vulnerable. Using targeted therapies we aim to reduce the primary tumor and eliminate the metastatic burden, while doing the least harm to normal tissues. I have three mouse models of sarcoma in which I can test various anti-cancer therapies to provide a rationale for clinical human testing. The three sarcomas that we study are synovial sarcoma, alveolar soft part sarcoma, and osteosarcoma. In these transgenic mice we can control the spatial and temporal expression of oncogenes that drive the sarcomas.

Lab Website link: https://sites.google.com/u/0/d/1-mERK5N0w4yYbRsrLiqn5-j6bO7rADN4/p/1nhELXyN8nHbRshiRI_7oxWNMhoRRQxli/preview?authuser=0
Dr. Jared Barrott